Limited Edition:16th July 2018 - 30th July 2018

Let's aim to be HAF Singer by live stream

Benefits for singer:
1. The singer have to record with a song which have a formal permission for cover from the music publishers company.
    Those songs will be released by HAF RECORDS.

2. The singer will get a royalty sharing from the song publishing.
    Profit sharing scheme will be inform after the singer participant has been approved.
    All participants, will be paid in a determined rate.

3. Selected singer might have a chance to participate in HAF FESTIVAL at Tokyo, JAPAN as a special guest.

4. Selected singer will also have a chance to sing an ORIGINAL song for game or anime soundtrack
    that tied up with the company and released it under the company record label.

        History of themesong project
         蝶々事件ラブソディックネオ アンジェリーク 天使の涙おそ松さん THE GAME はちゃめちゃ就職アドバイス -デッド オア ワーク- and more


Process for live stream:
1. Please press the SUBMIT button upon filling in the form below. We will contact you in return.
    *are the required fields.
    *We will use live stream plattoform which is operated INnetwork Inc.
2. Download a set piece of music.(You can not use any song which copyright is belong to another person, example for a cover song.)
3. Sing those music on live stream! If you can get comments from the viewers as well, it will become even more exciting!
4. Get cheers from the viewers with points as a tip.
5. Any challenge or gimmick that can make your live stream become more interesting are advised.
    (e.g. Introduce your country)

Method of recruitment as a HAF Singer:
The live stream which is broadcasted by the singer will be checked by the person in charge of recruitment.
They will contact singer who has enough ability, vocal techniques and good Japanese pronunciation.
The presentation which has attractive live stream will be a big point in the selection process.

1. We do not recruit Japanese singer.
2. Should be strictly following the Japanese law.
3. It is not allowed to sing any song which has a copyright by another person, for example : a cover song.
4. Please be careful and pay attention in detail and not to let other copyrights objects and item to be appear in the live stream.
    (e.g. Anime poster or figure)
5. For the person under 18 years of age will need an agreement from their parents.
6. Under-aged drinking and smoking is prohibited by Japanese law.(A person under 20 years of age)
7. Content related to drugs and antisocial forces is strictly prohibited.
8. Host of live stream can receive 30% of the amount generated from the tip(Nagesen).
9. Disorderly live stream might be deleted by operator.
10. If the video is determined to be inappropriate, it might be deleted at the discretion of operator.
11. In case of any problem with the viewers, we can not be hold accountable for any responsibility.

Send your application. Please write below form and press send button.

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