Japanese Song Cover Project which inviting participation of singer from all over the world.

1. Singers of any nationality, age and gender are very welcome.
2. MUST HAVE a good Japanese pronunciation. It is not necessary to be fluent in Japanese language.
3. Record a demo with a backtrack that will be provided by the company and send to us. Home recording is acceptable.
    *It doesn't covered any vocal recording cost.
4. The demo should only be recorded in a RAW vocal track without any editing, mixing or any touch up.
5. Backtrack that can be use for the recording, only the one that will be provided by the company,
    according to publishing rights that owns by the company.
6. A singer can choose as many song as they desired from the list of songs that provided by the company. Available for more than 1 song to cover.
    The company select cover songs that were permitted by Musical publishers in advance

Benefits for singer:
1. The singer will have song release and publish worldwide with the company through various platform and compilation CD.
    (except some countries like Mexico, India and Pakistan)
2. The singer will get the royalty sharing from the song publishing. Profit sharing scheme will be inform soon
    after the singer participant is being approved. All participants, will be paid in the determined rate.
3. From all the singer participated in the project, company will have some singer being selected for a further project with the company.
4. Selected singer will have a chance to participate in some TV program show in Japan which have a tied up with this Anisong Project.
5. Selected singer that have the song being released, also have a chance to have a debut in Japanese music industry as a singer and an artist.
6. Selected singer also will have a chance to sing an ORIGINAL song for game or anime soundtrack that tied up
    with the company and released it under the company record label.
7. Selected singer might have a chance to participate in HANEDA INTERNATIONAL ANIME MUSIC FESTIVAL in Tokyo, JAPAN as a special guest.

1. To release the song, the singer will have contract with the company.
2. Profit sharing scheme and system will be informed after the singer participation is confirmed.
3. The singer did not allow to directly sell the song that being released or use it for any commercial purpose.
4. However, the singer are allows to use the song that being release with the company,
    for promotional purpose of the song or the singer with the company approvement.
    *It prohibited the use of such unauthorized anime and manga in the advertising purposes.
5. The singer HAVE to give NOTICE and get PERMISSION from the company if the singer want to use the song for any promotional purpose.
6. The singer will have to maintain a certain artist image as the representation of the company project.
8. No expenses needed from the singer to be a participant of this project.
9. When accepted to be collaborate with the project, the applicant should have ability to do a proper home recording.
    Other than home recording are not in our main requirement.

This project is being announced for the 4th term and we will accept public application until Jun 1st 2019.
We accept application submission by invitation until July 1st.
Deadline for sending the recording is 30 days after the submission deadline"

For the first term, we already have many singers that released many songs and also being debuted by our company.
Here are info about the current singer debut in Japan.
Debut singer list

Rules for demo:
1. Please record only vocal and chorus.
2. Please make sure that the vocal melody placement and vocal inserting is correct.
3. Please remember that It should be in perfect pronunciation, melody and rhythm.
4. Singer can't change any phrase.
5. Vocal variation is NOT allowed.
6. The data should be in WAV file format with 48kHz 24bit.
7. Please send each vocal and chorus layers in a separate data file.
8. Recording should be in a RAW data with no mixing, editing or any touch up.

It’s strictly prohibited to inform and also share recording files other people outside of this group about these project.
Even informing to another HAF singer, is NOT allowed because there is possibility
that HAF RECORDS inform each singer about personal situation differently.
Recently there are many breach of contract so please pay more attention.
We can not accept allow singer who was violating the contract to be participate in these project.

Send your application
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